Venum Reorg Fight-short

315.00 AED

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REORG is an English association which helps veterans, serving soldiers and emergency responders to overcome physical or mental trauma suffered in combat or on a daily basis in the exercise of their duties.

Practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and/or fitness is the solution offered by REORG to help rebuild those who sometimes thought they had lost everything.

With the “REORG by Venum” collection we want to show our admiration for the actions undertaken by REORG.

Even if it may seem obvious, we would like to point out that the profits made on the sales of the “REORG by Venum” collection will be entirely donated to the association.


These Fightshort incorporate all the characteristics of the brand's classics. Ultra resistant, it is obviously suitable for the practice of MMA but also for that of many other physical activities.


Thomas is 187cm/6'1" and wears a size L