Rival RNFL60 Workout 180 Protector 2.0

309.00 AED

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The RNFL60 is the perfect addition to complete our full line of sparring gear in the 60 Series. With its 180 degree padding and Rival’s unique Feather-Lite technology, this great-fitting groin guard offers all the protection you are looking for at a cost-effective price.
Modelled on our Professional RNFL3, the RNFL60 Workout 180 Protector 2.0 has all the same outstanding features, but is made with premium synthetic leather exclusive to the 60 Series. It rounds out this updated series, which has recently been revamped to offer a fresh new look, upgraded materials and superior construction.

Made of Premium Synthetic Leather;
New Soft, Foamy Cloth Inner Lining;
Hook & Loop Strap;
180-degree Protection;
Feather Lite Technology;
High Quality Foam Padding;
Updated and Improved Rival Graphics.

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