Powercore Free Standing Heavy Bag

820.00 AED

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Developing muscle memory starts with one of the symbols of stamina. Punch, kick and elbow with all of your might using Everlast's PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag.

Its high-density plastic base can be filled with either water or sand for ideal stability. The power transfer ring minimizes impact and reduces base movement when training. The Everlast Powercore Freestanding Heavy Bag will be able to take on punches, elbow strikes, knees and kicks in every direction while dissipating strike energy and prevent freestanding bag base movement. NevaTear's durability comes into play with its high-grade shock absorbing foam inner layer.

Take your heavy bag training to the next level and use it towards boxing and MMA training or general fitness. Convey PowerCore with every punch, kick and elbow.

High density base can easily be filled with water or sand (approximately 250 lbs. with water, 370 lbs. with sand).

Dimensions: 22" in diameter x 54" - 65" in height

Not recommended for outside use..