Ninja 2099 Short Sleeve Rash Guard

227.00 AED

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Here at Tatami Fightwear we’re known for breaking boundaries on innovating and outlandish designs for our products. In particular our no-gi selection features some slick prints that leave you standing out on the mat.

We’ve once again teamed up with the super talented Supervixen to create a new set of rash guards that symbolise strength and diversity with some cool designs.

Leaving you to stealthily move in the shadows, our Ninja rash guard perfectly encapsulates the attributes of the covert character. With bold Tatami branding on the sleeves, the main proponent of this design is the ninja in full flow across the torso. Ahead of a black background, the ninja is cleverly designed in a dark palette to slightly blend in.

The rash guard is made from a polyester-spandex fabric blend that promotes elasticity and makes the piece comfortable to wear and holds up against the rigours of any training. The printing on the rash guard is sublimated to ensure that the unique design doesn’t scratch or fade.

- Moisture wicking material
- Unique and exclusive designs
- Polyester-spandex fabric blend
- Sublimated printing
- Durable and comfortable