Hayabusa Boxing Training Sticks - Black / One Size

249.00 AED

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The Hayabusa Boxing Training Sticks are one of the most versatile tools for boxing drills. The ergonomic handles feel natural in your hands with the perfect weight and padding density. Its optimal length extends your reach for high speed drills, absorbing impacts with a satisfying pop without putting strain on your joints. Built to endure thousands of strikes all while improving your boxer’s speed, accuracy, and evasion tactics.


  • Ergonomic grips eliminate hand, wrist, & shoulder impact strain
  • Perfectly balanced density & weight for high speed movements
  • Optimal length extends reach for defensive drills
  • Striking surfaces deliver a satisfying pop on impact
  • Wrist straps provide a comfortable and effortless grip
  • Reinforced double stitching provides incredible durability